We finished the trip! 1,180 miles and 64,400 ft of climbing. More important than these numbers are the renewed views of America that we saw. Liberal and conservative, prairies and forests, cities and country, rich and poor. We heard lots … Read the rest


It was fun to see the exact spot of the hot springs at Belknap resort. A non-descript notch in the rock just across the bridge over the McKenzie river. It would not be affordable/justifiable to heat the water in such … Read the rest

Winding Down

“Are your portions larger than Cottonwood Cafe?” These are the kind of practical questions a bike rider asks about a breakfast restaurant. So we decided to eat at the trucker-type bar named “Gallery” in Sisters.

The main objective of our … Read the rest

Thanks Frank!

No, we fortunately didn’t get arrested for “stealth camping” – that would be embarrassing! At 7:00am an old man arrived at the campground and walked towards us carrying two gas cans. He asked “what’s for breakfast?”. In my sometimes smart … Read the rest


As you saw, we warmed ourselves and tried to dry our clothes in the bathroom with 2000 watt hand dryers and it’s room heater. It was helpful.

After we rode down a long downhill expecting no services, we came upon … Read the rest