From Hunters to Farmers

After 40 easy miles following a winding creek we climbed out of the valley and up to the Idaho plains with farms galore.

Us, being city folk, had to look up the word “Grange”. It’s a farmers association. This is important since we are going to Grangeville.

I got my first road rash when I hit the soft shoulder when a big dump truck passed me.

For the second time, we ran into a RV campground that charges a rather exorbitant fee of $27 for each tent. Instead, we got a cheap motel room for the same $81.

For the first time in my life we ate at a restaurant that served Mexican, Italian, AND Chinese food. We unanimously chose Mexican. We even asked our waitress which one they specialized in…”ALL OF THEM” she replied.

following the meandering creek
Looking down on the creek as we climbed to the plains
Grange is the word of the day
It looks worse than it shows
The ambience of a cheap motel

2 Replies to “From Hunters to Farmers”

  1. Holy cow.!! That is gonna hurt for quite a while. Too bad Mom is not there with a toothbrush (they are electric now) to help clean out any gravel from the wound. I encourage all of you to ask Mike about this. I was there when she did it the first time. It was not pretty.!!

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