The Ready Riders are Mike and Steve, a duo of two old guys who like to roll around the country on our bikes with friends. This is a blog about their bike touring trips. Often they will ride with other people.

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2009 Multi-day loop from Lake Cachuma to Jalama to Santa Barbara

2011 Salinas to Santa Barbara through Big Sur (Mike & Steve)
2012 Seattle to San Francisco Coastal Tour. (Mike, Steve and Bellingham Bob)

2013 Cascades Tour from Seattle to Albany, Oregon through Mt. Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Hood. Mike, Steve, Bob and Brent.

2014 Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and ~1,000 miles in Montana. Mike, Bob, Brent, Drew.

2015 Pittsburgh to Harper’s Ferry – Great Aleghany Passage and C&O Railroad. (Steve, Bill, and Jeff)

2016 Erie Canal Tour from Buffalo to Albany, NY (Mike, Steve, Jeff, Bill)

2017 Pacific Northwest Tour from Vancouver, BC to Albany, Oregon. Steve & Jackie

2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 – Grand Objective Tours (Large Loop in the Santa Barbara Mountains – Old San Marcos Pass, Painted Cave, East Camino Cielo, West Camino Cielo, Gaviota, Santa Barbara)


I use an iPhone to post to this blog and for email, etc.

Maps: I use the RideWithGPS.com app because it has a helpful offline feature which means we don’t need a cell/WiFi signal to use it.

Camera: my iPhone

Recharging: I use my Anker Battery bank with ~98 watt-hour capacity and a small 11 watt solar panel strapped to my bike to keep that charged. For times when a restaurant will let me use their wall outlet while we eat, I use a compact Anker AC wall charger with 65 watts of power.

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  1. Mike and Steve,

    I remember you both, with great fondness, when your 2 daughters (Rachel and Jackie) were at Santa Barbara Middle School, years ago. Have a safe and expansive journey. Warmest Regards,

  2. I really like the recharging concept. I haven’t taken a look at the links yet, but it makes a ton of sense to use some of that massive, animal energy you guys are expending on these trips to keep everything charged. Goodstuff. And, you are doing a much longer tour this time. Will look forward to your postings! Have a blast!

  3. Hey Mike! We met at Canyon Village campsite with Cedric and Marie. I was trying to remember what Bob? Had said about a route after Glacier. Hope your trip went well for you all!! Russ

    1. Sorry for the delay. After Glacier our route went thru the following towns:
      Big Fork
      Swan Lake
      Seeley Lake
      Big Timber
      Red Lodge
      Cooke City

  4. Mike, Very happy to hear about your next adventure or as you said “Let the adventure begin!” I will also toss in one of my ‘Pegisims’ and simply remind you that A DAY WITHOUT FUN — ISN’T FUN. Yes, I will keep in touch with your sweetheart – maybe she and I can have (or get into some girl fun). Love YOU, Auntie Peg

  5. I met Brent while starting a rafting trip down the hoback near Jackson. He sent me a link to follow your story. You are living a dream of mine. Enjoy the ride.

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