We live down by the river!

Yes, that’s a Chris Farley SNL reference.

We found a hearty breakfast cafe on main street and rode towards Lewiston. The crosswind was crazy strong for the first 20 miles. We have now entered the Nez Perce reservation.We carefully chose some backroads to avoid the highway. It was an amazing road for cycling. Smooth and some uphills and downhills and scenery that we don’t often see.

At mile 60 we stopped into the only store around – a cigarette store. Luckily he had Gatorade and other drinks too. We chatted with the friendly owner and he told us 3600 Native Americans live on this reservation. He lived his whole life there so he gave us some tips and warned us of the upcoming hills etc.

At mile 80, we rode into the Hells Gate State park on the Snake River. Unfortunately, it’s full and they don’t have “hiker/biker” campsites. Uh-oh! Luckily we found Jeff, the ranger, doing his rounds and he said we could stay in the picnic area. Whew!

We’re taking it easy today and riding into Lewiston – probably 30 miles.

A few historical rest stops
A B&B in the shape of a dog! Very Creative!
More relic/Americana
Cool Trestles
The nice backroad
Wide vista
Keep on riding!

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