Go with the Flow

(Monday) I have to admit I was scared to hear a scratching noise on a nearby tree in the middle of the night. If it was a bear, I’m sure it smelled me but I resisted my curiosity and stayed dark and silent.

In the morning we rode the path of thousands of pioneers and native americans up Nez Perce Pass and into Idaho. We earned the downhill as we rode down the same flow as the creek. It was beautiful with plenty of photo opps and I love the sound of running water.

Mr. Magruder was a gold rush guy and was killed in these hills. We found a nice campsite named after him and enjoyed the sound of a running creek all night long.

We rode 39 miles today, mostly on dirt (fire road) and we are mentally preparing for 35 difficult miles in more difficult dirt with significant hills ahead of us. I think we’ll just “go with the flow”

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  1. Even on our trips in Europe, with the curated bicycle trips, we found ourselves on gravel, and it was not a big deal. In fact, the trails were more idyllic, scenic, and certainly less traveled.

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