Out of the Blue

Blue Mountains that is. We rode 50 miles from Ukiah to Heppner today. Heppner is prarie landscape mostly. We had the road mostly to ourselves but noticeably more hunters.

At our lunch stop a camo clad older gentleman walked over from the hunters camping area. Butch is also a cyclist and rode across America several years back. We traded stories and tips.

I was craving a beer after our ride so we asked Bill, a Heppner Public Works worker for suggestions. He said there is only one bar in town nowadays. We met some friendly folks in Bucknum’s Tavern including a regular named Tim. Tim is a Grateful Dead fan (aka “Dead-head” and he looked the part with his white hair and beard. Tim retired from the USDA where he handed out subsidy checks to local farmers.

We tried to follow Bill’s shortcut to the campground but instead we seemed to meet several dogs in the neighborhood.

Our sometimes windy campground overlooks the town reservoir.

Next stop Condon (we think).

Signs to indicate Blue Mountain area
Bob getting suggestions from local Bill
The only bar in town
Fancy building (county courthouse)
Our campsite overlooking the reservoir
I forgot to post this yesterday…Brent’s room in the Antler Inn. Could YOU sleep here?

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