Condon the Conundrum

The small town of Condon was at the end of our 50 mile ride across the prarie. It was a conundrum because there was hardly any activity downtown at 3:30 in the afternoon. No bars or saloons were open in fact the only business that seemed open was “The Flower Shop” but it actually had food and smoothies. I had to have one.

The only campground in town was a disappointment in that there was no owner or host on-site and worse yet, their so called tent area was dried weeds that doubled as a pet poop area. We’re out of here! We ate dinner at the only other place open “The Drive In” before we heading south out of Condon. Our plan was to “stealth camp” at Dyer State park after the sunset. We shut our lights off each time a car drove by just in case. We had a visitor the next morning – more on that tomorrow.

Lots of empty space on the prairie
Stealth camping

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