Winding Down

“Are your portions larger than Cottonwood Cafe?” These are the kind of practical questions a bike rider asks about a breakfast restaurant. So we decided to eat at the trucker-type bar named “Gallery” in Sisters.

The main objective of our 40 mile ride was to get over the famous McKenzie Pass. We saw lots of burned areas on the way up and then we saw the famous lava rocks near the top. The weather is clear for now but a rainstorm is coming tonight. The back side of the pass seems much more green (less burned).

We are camping in a private campground/lodge called Belknap Hot Springs that’s been here for 100 years. We soaked in the soaking pool as one does and ate dinner.

Our friendly camping neighbor, is Michael, a nature photographer from Eugene. He explained his philosophy of Astrology and the science of Astronomy to Bob and I.

Recent fires on the Sisters side of pass
Pointy mountains
We reached the summit
The Observatory for great views
Two of the 3 “sisters”
At the Observatory
Admiring the lush forest on the way down the pass
Belknap Hot Springs resort
Belknap is an artistic place
Belknap lodge

2 Replies to “Winding Down”

  1. Friend on houseboat in Tacoma reports heavy monsoons and gale force winds there are intensifying and headed south. Weather here in the 93518 switched from 90s to 50s overnight with strong gusty NW winds portending autumn bluster. Maybe consider taking shelter for a day or three? Or. . . given your intrepid wackiness, not. 🙂 Please be careful out there, fellaz, and thanks for all the excellent pix!

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