It was fun to see the exact spot of the hot springs at Belknap resort. A non-descript notch in the rock just across the bridge over the McKenzie river. It would not be affordable/justifiable to heat the water in such a big pool otherwise.

As we were hanging out in camp, the gardener came by unexpectedly and wanted to give us some free books. Our other visitor Michael looked at it for 10 seconds and saw that it was about the Seventh Day Adventist. It caught me off guard for sure.

Since we only had to ride 9 miles today to Harbick’s Country Inn, we lounged around the Belknap lodge for a few hours to keep warm and out of the rain.

Robin, the innkeeper welcomed us to her Inn and dried and folded our wet clothes. Thanks Robin. We headed across the street to the Takoda Cafe for lunch. Jordyn served us and humored us with good conversation. She dreams of opening her own coffee shop some day. She plans to call it “Cup of Jo” (her nickname). We warned her we would be back for dinner in a few hours. We even ate the chocolate chip cookies she made earlier that afternoon.

Belknap namesake
Bridge across McKenzie River
The source of heat
Their “secret garden”
Fast flow of McKenzie
Soggy but beautiful
Secret garden from center
Video to see the boiling

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