As you saw, we warmed ourselves and tried to dry our clothes in the bathroom with 2000 watt hand dryers and it’s room heater. It was helpful.

After we rode down a long downhill expecting no services, we came upon the “Oasis”. Boggan’s Oasis to be exact. Kolleen gave us a warm welcome as the first customers of the day. It was one of those places with history and dozens of photos on the wall to prove it. The couple that owned it for 30 years was welcoming their grandson and his new girlfriend. I remember those moments. If you’re ever in this area, it’s worth as stop, even if only to enjoy the best hashbrowns or a milk shake.

Now that we were fueled, we could climb the 4000ft hill up from the Grande Rhonde river canyon. The sights were as breathtaking as the climb.

At the Joseph overlook, we met two Corvette guys that were high school buddies “100 years ago” as he said. Yes, like most Corvette owners, they were gray haired and living their dream.

40 more miles of rollers and downhills finished the 58 miles ending in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon. Emily, our waitress at the Terminal Gravity Brewery moved here from Lompoc when she was in 8th grade. She said after she got over the shock, she learned to love this area.

As you can imagine, I wondered why they named the town “Enterprise”. After 2 locals didn’t know, I had to look it up. According to Wikipedia, it was voted on in a meeting in 1887 to “reflect the policy of the inhabitants”. Enterprise is also famous for the Wallowa Mountains nicknamed “Alps of Oregon”.

At the start of the morning downhill
Outside the Oasis
Another satisfied customer. Brent
Halfway up the hill a new state
More great views
The view from Joseph’s Lookout
Last miles before Enterprise, Oregon
Snowcapped “alps” behind Enterprise, Oregon

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