End of the Trace

We learned more about Meriwether Lewis than we ever imagined. The park ranger, Deliberate Derek annunciated his story extremely well. It’s a sad story of a famous explorer who killed himself at the young age of 35.

Before leaving the … Read the rest

Hobbies Help

Hobbies help keep us sane and give meaning to life. Whether you’re Tom Hendrix building a wall for 30 years or Neo doing Hammocking, or Else and her niece telling stories at the visitor center, or Beverly making quilts, or … Read the rest

Tired in Tupelo

Our first stop was the proverbial mom and pop market. As you can see they were proud of their boiled peanuts. They had toddlers sorting cigarette cartons and a baby in diapers in a box.

We passed the halfway point … Read the rest


For us it was a long ride of 72 miles. We saw our first alligator (unfortunately dead) as we rode over the spillway.

I bought a new saddle to replace my broken one so now I am a member of … Read the rest

They Say…

I like sayings because they are usually clever and often funny. I forgot to mention one of Karla’s funny sayings about being a single female in the high male to female ratio of Alaska. “The odds are good, but the … Read the rest


I knew it was the Nashville airport because lots of people had guitars. Our Uber driver Sammy was friendly and helpful. He taught us how to properly pronounce “Missipy”. He even laughed at my confederate joke.

We hugged our Ready … Read the rest