Ready Riders ride again – this time on the famous “Natchez Trace”

Last year I gave Steve a book for his birthday titled “50 places to bike before you die”. This ride is #28 in the book.

We shipped our bikes to Nashville using (~$70 each way). We are flying into Nashville on Thursday May 3. We hired (yes, that’s her real/cheeky business name) to shuttle us from Nashville to where we will begin in the town of Natchez Mississippi. As her website says, I’m sure she’s got plenty of stories being a former trucker and a person who walked across the entire USA.

We’re riding all 444 miles of ‘The Trace’ in ~9 days.

We have 5 people on this ride  – the same people as our Erie Canal tour plus veteran bike-tourist Bob Miller.

I plan to write a short story with photos every day of our fun adventure. Follow along!


6 Replies to “Ready Riders ride again – this time on the famous “Natchez Trace””

  1. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to hear all about it. This is a really beautiful area; especially in Spring. Hopefully all the Dogwood trees will be in bloom.

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