“Keep of Chooglin’ “

– As in the CCR song about the bayou. There’s lots of debate about what it means but we think it’s one of those words that means whatever you want it to mean. Kinda like “boogie”.

Anyway, it’s our word of the week.

Even though the campground was free, it was not good. It felt like we were trying to sleep in the middle of the intersection.

We struggled to find a place for breakfast which was puzzling even after we asked a local. After riding past a dozen churches, we found a place that had egg muffin sandwiches.

On the road we met Luke and Greta from Belgium. I asked them what they liked most about America and they said “the people are so friendly”. We believed them of course.

We ate the “Big Ed’s BLT” at French Camp. It’s a christian academy for troubled youth. I think it was the homemade wheat bread and garlic mayo that made it tasty.

Jeff Busby campground was peaceful and worlds better. Our neighboring camper Suzanne gave us a few cold drinks and explained her hobby of “storm chasing”.

Keep on Chooglin’!

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