“We’re going to Jackson” (by Johnny & June Cash)

A lot of times when you’re riding, you get a song in your head. Success is when you can sing it a few times and get your whole group goin’. Jeff succeeded with this song.

A friendly fellow camper from Australia named Dawn (her pronunciation was more like “Dwon”) came over for a cheery visit. In my eyes she propagated the stereotype of the friendly and gregarious Aussie.

The heat was hot for this Santa Barbara boy and my water planning was bad and I suffered a bit.

The Clinton visitor center seemed like an oasis. “Mad-dog Whitfield” musta been the unofficial mayor. He talked our ears off but we enjoyed his stories. I chuckled when his wife interrupted him with “they didn’t come to Clinton to grow old!!” Our first stop was the “Bulldog brewpub ” where we sponged up 4 pitchers of water and of course the staple of touring, burgers and beers.

We camped at Timber Lake campground and chilled with some beers and the “King of delta blues” – Robert Johnson (a local back in the 1930’s.

Let the good times roll!

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  1. Keep up the reports, I envy you guys, wish I could do the same. Tell Jim hello, from uncle Dale.

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