They Say…

I like sayings because they are usually clever and often funny. I forgot to mention one of Karla’s funny sayings about being a single female in the high male to female ratio of Alaska. “The odds are good, but the goods are odd”.

Jeff’s weather service told us about the rainstorm coming so we got an early start. Bob didn’t need any coffee because his white gas stove leaked and caught fire so his heart rate escalated rapidly.

One of the many bike sayings is “If you start in the rain, you’re insane but if you get caught in the rain it’s fun”.

So we rode 20 miles to Mr. D’s old country store (fried chicken buffet) where their saying is “If you leave here hungry, it’s your fault”. They are so proud of their chicken they also say “if colonel Sanders had my recipe, he’d be a five star general”.

The rain subsided as we rode into Port Gibson where they say “general Grant said the town is too beautiful to burn”. This church is a good example with it’s steeple hand pointing the way to heaven.

We finished the day at Rocky Springs campground. We demonstrated the saying “plenty of fresh air and exercise make for a good night sleep.”

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