HerStory – Downtown Karla Brown’s, that is

How many people do you know that have walked 9,000 miles across America 3 times? Now we know one. We really got to know her thru her stories -and there were many!

You name it, she’s done it. Truck driver; yep. Cruise boat worker- yep. Mennonite in Kansas; yep. That’s her with the 200+ lb cart below.

We stopped at a rest stop and Karla stopped me before I asked a Mennonite to take a photo. They don’t do that so don’t bother. So I asked a grumpy man in a Dodge hat.

After a few more stories in the van we ate a great meal at the Tomato Place. The fried catfish Po’Boy acclimated me to the south just fine.

Restless to use our legs, we achieved sweat/humidity equilibrium by riding up to our first campsite where we sipped some whisky and sang some Hotel California around our “giant” candle lantern. A rainstorm is headed our way. Stay tuned!

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