Hobbies Help

Hobbies help keep us sane and give meaning to life. Whether you’re Tom Hendrix building a wall for 30 years or Neo doing Hammocking, or Else and her niece telling stories at the visitor center, or Beverly making quilts, or Chrissy with her ballet.

People talk about their hobbies with passion and I find that entertaining and interesting.

Lots of people are puzzled about our hobby but we sell it with passion wherever we go.

Colbert Ferry was interesting to read about and imagine. The sign says he got $75,000 to ferry soldiers during the war of 1812. As we rode the bridge over the Tennessee river we pondered if that was in today’s dollars.

Even though it was not on the official map, “Tom’s Wall” was thought provoking. His dedication, artistry and symbolism is impressive.

The small town of Collinwood was a pleasant surprise and our first stop at a Piggly Wiggly store (a regional staple). Just like the name suggests, we were welcomed at the welcome center and it was a handy oasis to wait out the midday heat.

We overcame our leg pain as we rode up the ~5 rolling hills and reached our goal of Meriwether campground.

Bob overcame his shyness and charmed camping neighbors out of fuel and firewood which served us well in our last night of camping. We shared travel stories and good conversations with Chrissy and her dog Spunky.

slow internet so more photos later.

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