Stephen was nice enough to give me a ride to the Santa Barbara airport. I was relieved when Alaska airlines took my bike box ok for $100. I assembled it in the Seattle airport and rode it the 17 miles to our hotel downtown. I found a dinner spot called FOB Poke and enjoyed their fresh fish and watermelon radishes among other things.

Bob and Brent finally arrived (they took the train) at midnight. The next morning we enjoyed a typical Seattle coffee and scooped up a hearty breakfast. We cycled around Seattle a bit including a stop at Ace hardware and REI. We chowed on some chowder at Ivar’s on the waterfront and of course the Fremont Brewery for some canned beers for the train ride. For me…this is living!

Fun Fact: Belltown district of Seattle is named after William Nathaniel Bell who traveled from here in 1850 seeking the generous incentive of 320 free acres. His daughters Virginia and Olive even got streets named after them. Of course I told our friendly and fun breakfast waitress, who’s nickname is “care bear” this factoid and she was grateful (at least she said she was).

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  1. Jackie and I have a glass from Fremont as a token of a very memorable day. The pacific coast train to Seattle has never been on time in my experience. Ready Riders ride on, right on!

  2. Okay, as you know, I am just getting caught up here. Looks good. Always hate to give up a bike box. We sent bikes by train to Portland for our Oregon trip, and flew to pick them up. Putting it all back together for the ride to lodging is always a challenge.

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