The train often has some interesting characters and this time was no exception. Dolly, the gregarious grandma told us fun stories of her 100+ cruises and tours. Unfortunately we also had a drunk 5150 (that’s cop talk for a crazy person). Then there’s Kevin , the quick-to-laugh gymnasium floor installer. Don’t forget Simon, our friendly Amtrak “Coach Captain”. Our train route winded eastward thru the longest tunnel in North America eventually arriving at East Glacier 16 hours later.

Our first day of riding was the proverbial “baptism by fire” in that we rode 70 miles and 6000ft of climbing including up “Going to the Sun Road” over Logan Pass in the heart of Glacier National Park.

By the time we rode into McDonald Lodge we were so hungry we devoured our double cheeseburgers in seconds. As expected, the views on this road took our breath away. Sprague campground was our home for the night and our camping skills came back to us like second nature.

Dolly, the gregarious grandma

6 Replies to “5150”

  1. Dolly must have been in grandma heaven with the kindly attentions of you strapping young adventurers; no wonder she went all old craylady. Keep those glorious pix a-comin, they’re a most welcome mental break from digging myself out from the ashes and stinging nettle in 100+ heat up at the potfarm.

    Carry on!

  2. Great job guys! That’s a big day with loaded bikes and lots of climbing. Pics look dreamy, what an amazing place to ride.

  3. That was an insane start to your ride! I’ve been on that roa and backpacked in Glacier when I was a younger lad. Today, getting off the couch and taking a leak is a major investment in time and effort. (Broken kneecap, for those who don’t know me.) All I can say is enjoy it while you can, boys, and STAY SAFE.

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