People are Curious – Us Too

As often happens, we decided to ride for awhile before eating breakfast in Columbia Falls. Since Outlaw Cafe was closed, Brent found the Nite Owl restaurant with breakfast all day.

After breakfast a lady named Shirley asked “I noticed your butt pads – do those help?” A funny conversation ensued. Then I randomly noticed a big spider on her hood. She freaked out a bit and begged us to kill it. Brent calmly brushed it aside and we laughed.

Bigfork (yes, they combined two words) has a nice brewery. The couple at the bar generously gave us one of their stools. Leslie sat us on their porch overlooking Flathead lake and told us about her mission in Kona Hawaii. While discussing Hamilton, Lauren chimed in to answer my quiz. She told us her hobby was ballet. A newlywed couple, Doug and Athena, sat on the other side asked what Brent ordered. That started a conversation about their plumbing business in Tampa and their future plans. After the brewery, we headed into downtown Bigfork and Tammy, asked us “do you need any recommendations?” I asked her what she does and her reply was “I do what everyone else does in Bigfork – I sell real estate.” Another chuckle and we were off to Max’s market to try to find a Coca Cola. Max’s was run by Kooper (yes, with a “K”) who was a self proclaimed farmer including his “medicine” as he called it. Last but not least, Harry and Marge, the camp hosts, gave us an exuberant welcome. They gave us valuable shower tokens (they probably smelled us coming).

62 miles seemed easy because it was very few hills.

Just riding along
A funny sign in West Glacier
Bob doing his laundry at the river
Collections by shame
The map says it goes thru??
Traffic in Downtown Bigfork

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  1. Not sure I want to hear the conversation about the “butt pads”. Photos and signage are great – good laughter for the morning! – Annette (proud sister of an official Ready Rider)

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