Beary Scary

We must have slept well because we didn’t hear the bear that our campground neighbor said was growling nearby. While we were eating our big breakfast at the cafe in Bigfork, the newspaper headline said “Four Grizzly bears killed…” This is bear territory for sure.

We rode a scenic trail out of town but it eventually led to the long highway 83 that we needed to ride thru Swan Lake, Condon, and finally to Seeley Lake. I got my first flat tire out of the way. Today we will ride into Missoula to get Bob’s hub fixed. The pawls are making a chunk sound. More details later.

Our campground last night didn’t have “bear lockers” for our food so we had to hoist our food bags up into a tree. A very Boy Scout moment.

We rode 75 miles with 3000ft of climbing… so far our bodies are handling it ok.

4 Replies to “Beary Scary”

  1. What glorious country! But good luck fixing Mr. Miller’s um, hub. 😉

    Definitely hear you on the bear thing, though. . . Watch your six.

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