Hippies and Cowboys

Rosie (not her real name), our waitress at Pop’s Place in Seeley Lake served a hearty breakfast just as we like it. Sometimes waiters can‘t help but join in the mealtime conversation. We were discussing guns and carrying permits of various parts of our country. She mentioned her 22 caliber pistol and I asked “is that your purse gun?”…she replied “no, it’s my bra gun” – ok then.

The 57 mile ride into Missoula seemed easier – we had a lot of downhills and maybe a tailwind. I was appreciative. In Missoula we stopped at Big Sky Bikes to get Bob’s bike fixed (it had a bent spring in the hub and needed a different type of lubrication).

As previously agreed, we checked into a fine hotel (Motel 6) and searched for the best pizza in town. Biga Pizza was not a disappointment. We were discussing the difference between Univ. of Montana in Missoula and Montana State Univ. in Bozeman. Our waitress said her decision boiled down to…”are you more hippie or cowboy?”

Our neighbor was ready for the apocalypse
A couple of engineers discussing the bridge during lunch
Old bridge on the right and new addition on the left
Party bar cycle in Missoula
Mike horsing around on the Sinclair gas station dinosaur

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