Sights and People on the Bitterroot Trail

We felt like the youngest group in the 4B Restaurant in Missoula. It was a seniors hangout for sure. We found the Bitterroot Trail and rode it 58 miles all the way to Hamilton.

While eating our leftover pizza, Jovial Joel rode up on his tandem (noone on back) and told us stories galore – some of them even seemed plausible.

Steve and Sally from Spokane sold us on the bike path. We all wondered why we can’t build more of these to encourage more cycling in our town.

We decided to stop at Glen’s cafe and have some fruit pie with our pizza pie. Doug and Susie, cyclists from Chattanooga, Tennessee were friendly and traded stories with us. I thought for sure they would have heard of Huell Houser from PBS TV fame but no such luck.

Our third stop, depending on how you count them was full of characters. There was Jed with his PUSH (pray until something happens) hat broadcasting his religious radio show on the internet ( We then rode thru historic downtown Victor, all 2 blocks of it, we stopped in for a beer at the Flying Pig bar. Glad handing Wayne with his dog Max welcomed us to town and suggested unsuccessfully that we go to a different bar “The Finish Line”.

Inside the bar was another world. Brent was challenged to a haybailing contest by a local and we talked sports and misc. with Lou and Julie. A quick google search showed Victor is population 762.

We pulled into a campground at 6pm and watched the rabbits and various dogs bounding about as we set up our tents and cooked dinner.

FYI: we’re going thru no-cell zone in Magruder Crossing so we might have to skip a day or two of our blog. We shall see.

Trails are good!
Looks like an ad for Montana
Jovial Joel…what a guy!
Trump country
Tilt your head
Pie with our pie
I gotta try the Raisin Pie
Roadside learning
Brent talking to Mr. PUSH

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