Magruder Triangle

(Tuesday) Right out of camp we started climbing – a lot of climbing it was. We were glad we switched our front tires to a bigger off-road tire to avoid sliding out.

We met Todd and Tanya, the friendly forest rangers and they gave us several tips and answered lots of questions. Especially important is the tip “watch out for elk hunters; the season starts tomorrow.” Note to self – don’t wear my target jersey.

The scenery was beautiful – we are surrounded by mountains. It reminded me of the sailing term “potato patch” which is waves going in all directions. It’s hard to look when you’re dodging rocks and sand that can make you fall so I stopped several times to take a break and snap some photos.

We barely made our goal of getting into the Poet Creek campground by sunset. Another epic day.

36 miles and I think 7000 ft of climbing in the dirt. No wonder I’m tired.

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