Fishing fun (July 2)

On our usual quest to find a breakfast cafe, we rode into the Laughing Horse Inn only to discover that we were too late for breakfast. Kathleen the Inkeeper talked with us a long time and Bob got his fill of petting dogs. She has 3 golden’s named Cooper, Nicky, Josie. Kathleen told us too many stories to mention, including explaining the mysterious 10 commandment signs. Apparently a rich man buys them for anyone who promises to post them in their yard. Kathleen also scared Bob with her bear stories and even gave us bear spray that a guest left behind ( it’s pepper spray in a powerful canister that shoots 20+ feet).
Sometimes the locals in this area mistake us for the crazy guys on “ride the divide” which is an annual ride from Banff to Antelope New Mexico.
We rode straight down highway 83 and turned left onto the smooth dirt road called Condon loop to go fishing. We soaked up the sun and cool water and Drew scared me with his nap on the bridge wall. That man is a pro napper! We used Brent’s pump water filter to replenish our supply.
We rode into the friendly small town of Seely Lake ( population 2000) and enjoyed burgers and pizza and beers then rode to our campground by the lake. The ride was swift on a narrow road. Brent apparently had a lot of gas in the tank and pulled us up several hills.
After setting up our tents, we walked down to the lake. At 10:00pm it was still light enough for a quick swim. The sky was spectacular with bright streaks of glowing purple and red clouds setting behind the mountains. Drew mentioned that you dont see skies like that in California and Brent noted that that is why this is called “Big Sky” country.
This is bear country too and Bob and I then rigged a line to hang our food. We could not find a rock to use to throw the line over a branch so we improvised using a can of beer. After the 3rd attempt, I was able to guide the line trough an upper branch but, unfortunately the can dented when it hit the ground and I had to quickly down it as it frothed out of the can. We all slept well but it starts getting light again around 3:30 am so we are still adjusting.
We rode about 60 miles.
Today we ride into the relatively big city of Missoula. Several people have told us it’s the “tree hugger” capital of Montana.

Kathy told us stories and let us pet here Golden Retrievers
Bob pets one of Kathy’s friendly Golden Retriever
Kathy gave us a can of bear spray and Brent found a good place to mount it
The ride into a fishing spot called Condon Cabins
Cabins for rent
Fishing near Condon Cabins in Montana
Riding next to Swan mountain range
Fishing spot
Relaxing after fishing
Brent Holland finds a lodge named after him…fancy that!