Park jumping (July 15)

Today was a recovery day from yesterday’s long ride. We rode out Yellowstone’s south entrance with Lewis Lake on our right. Moose falls was worth stopping for, partly because we could get next to the falling point.

We ate lunch … Read the rest

The Caldera

We ate breakfast at the visitor center area and got a relatively early start because of the long riding day. I saw my first geyser among the dozens at Norris Geyser Basin. I like that the signs are blunt and … Read the rest


10,947 ft is the elevation of the summit of Beartooth pass. That’s 5,400 ft of climbing.

We stocked up on food supplies at the market in Red Lodge. It’s a great example of trade-offs. You want lots of fuel but … Read the rest

The Long Road

In Butte, we rode from old town to the newer part of town – not as bad, but a lot less character. We ate lunch in the small farm town of Whitehall and continued onto the smaller town of Harrison. … Read the rest

The Great Divide

We were glad we didn’t get kicked out of Flint Creek campground for using an unmarked space. We used Brent’s filter pump to fill our water bottles before climbing the hill. A local pointed us to a breakfast restaurant called … Read the rest

Rock Creek to Flint Creek

This morning, a different Jim, I’ll call him “generous Jim”, gave us some free fly fishing lessons, carrots, and some flies he found. He’s an artist that makes things from books.

Rock creek road was so peaceful and scenic … Read the rest

Parched valley

The rains of the first days seem like a distant memory. It was 92 degrees. We rode into Seely lake and ate breakfast at Pops restaurant. We met Curtis from Salt Lake City. He’s riding to Alaska if he can … Read the rest