Wednesday July 9 and 10, 11th – Bozeman etc

We ate at the Cats Paw casino next to our motel and saw Tour de France on one of their 30 TVs. I like breakfast burritos in Santa Barbara much better. Bob rented a minivan and we drove along the Gallatin River and onto Big Sky ski resort. Bob and Brent watched soccer while I hiked on the ski slopes and mountain bike trails. We then drove to the campground near Big Timber. We ate chili cheese dogs.

In the middle of the night I got sick to my stomach (sparing you the details). We decided to drop me off at Red Lodge, but on the way there, Brent got sick too. We changed our mind and headed to Billings where we were supposed to return the one-way rental. We struggled to find a motel with early check in. The motel people all seemed suspicious. I even begged for mercy and told the truth that we needed to rest and recover from food poisoning – that didn’t help. We finally found one across town so we hustled over there to unload our bikes and stuff. Brent and I struggled to move in while Bob hustled to return the van by 11 and ride back to the hotel. Bob also got sick. We slept on and off all day and night. I’m glad that’s over.

This morning we feel much better and will ride out of Billings and try to reach Red Lodge.

The spot is on so you can track our location.

View from our rental van
Hiking at the Big Sky ski resort
View of Big Sky ski resort
Cottonwood falling off the trees – this is the campground we got sick at : (
Downtown Bozeman