Big Hole River to Butte

We ate breakfast at a fishing and hunting club in a 1 horse town. It has a hotel, bar, casino, cafe, and ice cream shop all in one building. We saw another solo rider from the “divide ride”. We rode along a nice frontage road along interstate 15 (the same one that goes thru Las Vegas). We crossed the divide again and headed into Butte. Some freeway construction made it a bit confusing but we got thru.

Unknown to us, Butte is hilly. We rode up Montana street and found the only (so far) micro brewery in town called “the quarry”. We decided to stay at the Finlen hotel in old uptown. Oddly it has a motor lodge next to it. Drew got us a rate of $82. We walked downhill to a steak dinner at Casagrandas.

Even though Butte has only 35,000 people, it seems much bigger than that. Apparently there’s a meth problem here because we saw a lot of shocker billboards and murals.

We rode about 40 miles. We’re planning a big day of ~70 miles today – Hopefully.

Cow herding near Butte, MT
Bicycle cowboys
Herding across the road
more green
Brick Brothel Building in Butte! That’s 4 B’s

Finlen hotel (photo from google images)