Parched valley

The rains of the first days seem like a distant memory. It was 92 degrees. We rode into Seely lake and ate breakfast at Pops restaurant. We met Curtis from Salt Lake City. He’s riding to Alaska if he can make it by August 8th. He had a Surly bike with fat 3″ tires (photo below). The valley got wider and the sagebrush seems plentiful. Drew got his first flat (radial tire wire). We saw an eagle crying out on the man made nest ( I’m guessing to keep it safe from the power lines). We cooled off in Blackfoot River and then continued along its banks into Missoula.

Missoula reminds me of San Luis Obispo or Boulder Colorado. We saw a concert and food festival and watched several people trying to surf the man made standing wave on the Blackfoot River. This truly is “The River runs thru it”.

We ate some tasty Italian food and saw a bit of the town.

We rode about 50 miles.

Note: might have to skip a day or two due to out of cell range in Rock Creek area

Curtis’s bike
Cooling off with a dip in the lake
Eagle using a man-made perch for a nest
wide open valley with lots of sagebrush
Drew fixing his first flat tire
Fireworks can be bought legally outside of Missoula
Surfing on a ‘standing wave’ in the river in Missoula