Last day of riding

While drinking my coffee, I noticed a bike path on the map that goes 16 miles from Jenny Lake all the way to Jackson. Our first stop was Jackson Lake Lodge…it’s a luxury lodge built in the 50’s. The lobby was amazing with a huge window to frame the biggest peak of the Teton range. We stood out like sore thumbs with our unkempt looks but it was worth the stop to see the architecture.

More our style, we ate a delicious breakfast at Signal lake lodge. I had the Blueberry topped hotcakes – it was so tasty, I didn’t even need syrup. Jacob from New Brunswick rode up in his fat tire bike. He’s on his way to meet his friends to ride the divide .

The next lodge, Jenny Lake lodge, looked my speed until they told me the price…$700+ per night ! I started to feel guilty while relaxing on their rocking chair.

The bike path was almost too good to be true because it was so smooth and scenic. It made me wonder how hard it was to get approved by the city.

Believe it or not, we saw 2 moose in the town named Moose! The terrain seemed to change drastically from forest to high Prarie with sagebrush. We didn’t see any elk as we rode past the National elk refuge.

Jackson reminded me a bit of Solvang but with a western theme. The sidewalks were mostly wooden boardwalks. We struggled to find a reasonable priced motel below $200 per night but Bob found the golden eagle on google maps on the outskirts of town. It’s a family run place with a fun dog named Bandit. Bandit did an awesome job chasing an old flat soccer ball.

We ate pizza at Pinky G’s and called it an early night to prep for the long drive home in the morning.

We rode 45 miles.

Our goal ETA for the 1,000 mile drive home is Sunday at 6pm.

We’ll keep the spot on for the curious

A little hazy today
Nice path away from the highway
Our last divide crossing
Jacob from New Brunswick Canada
Moose creek is true to it’s name
Bob showing his antlers
Famous antler arches of Jackson Hole Wyoming
EV charging station
Our vintage motel in Jackson
3 bikes fit fine in our Toyota minivan

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you guys on your last day of riding. (I was the guy on the fat bike) I did end up meeting my buddies later that day in Flagg Ranch. Blog looks great! Just an fyi… Our blog is I think you might have put it in with a comma. Good luck on your future adventures!

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