Big Fork – soccer town, USA (not)

We rode by lots of farms and ranches in the morning. Brent’s flat tire gave Drew enough time for a catnap by the side of the peaceful road. Our host, Bob Lucke, from the previous night, rode over on his morning training ride. He was all hopped up on endorphens while we were relaxed on the roadside. You would be hard pressed to find a more drastic dychotomy in our riding styles that day. We took a right at the Menonite church and a left after the house with the 10 commandments sign in the front yard (the third one I saw, so far). I’d like to ask god for an 11th…”thou shalt not run bicyclists off the road”.

We blended in with the tourists in Big Fork, except for a slight body odor. We got some tips from the fru-fru fly fishing shop, and saw a cool collection of vintage bikes and homemade stools made out of bike parts.

We cooled off in a quick, chili dip in Flathead lake and found the best TV in town to watch Belgium beat USA in World Cup soccer.

We picked up dinner sausage and supplies and rode to our campground at Swan Lake. We couldn’t resist renting a canoe and paddling by some of the fancy lakefront homes. Surprisingly none of them invited us to their cocktail hour. After our tasty dinner, Drew even walked down to the lake and returned with a trout we enjoyed for dessert.

We rode 45 miles.

Another reason Montana is called Big Sky Country
Yellow carpet
Anyone know what kind of flower this is?
Checking out downtown Big Fork
1968 Schwinn Paramount is a piece of art
A cool stool made of bike parts!
Parking for breakfast in Big Fork
Funny sign in the butcher shop
Swimming dock in Big Fork Lake
Drew & I paddling a canoe near our campground in Swan Lake
Drew caught this trout for dessert