We Three Blew Through “Sixes” at Twice the Speed

Started the day in Bandon, OR, and ended in Gold Beach. We had a blast with tailwinds near a town called “Sixes”. In one case on a gentle grade, the wind actually propelled us up the hill.

The sun was shining most of the day, we had a couple of flats, but in reality, a flat is actually an opportunity to rest.

We crossed a few bridges over pretty rivers, but mainly we just rode. The view of the rugged rock islands off of the coasts were breathtaking, (or maybe it was the pace). We travelled 60 miles, by the time the day was over.

Had breakfast in the “Greasy Spoon”. Dinner in a pizza place. The only “campground” in town is a County Fairground with miserable facilities, the wind was howling, we didn’t want to fight it all night, so we have check into pretty run down motel. oh well.

tomorrow promises more sunshine and more tailwinds. We should make it to California.








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