We killed the Seven Devils!

55 miles from Winchester Bay to Bandon, Oregon. Mostly sunny, nice. Joined a fellow named Bob from Bellingham, WA, who took off from our camp at Umpqua, Lighthouse, State Park. Bob, is just starting riding after a year off from touring. This tour is his inaugural ride, and to our surprise he caught up with us at a rest stop just north of Coos Bay, OR. Well anyway, we now had a couple of meals together, did our laundry, and had a 55 mile ride together, and are having a beer at camp tonight. Bob is full of stories, likes to talk about equipment, and just about everything else.

The main accomplishment today is traversing the “Seven Devils” trails / route. This section must have been about fifteen miles. Each “Devil” is a hill, and each is harder than the previous one. Traveling fully loaded was hard. Mike and I did our best to keep the pace, but it was hard.

After this section, we gave Bob the nickname, “Buff Bellingham Bob” as he kept the pace.

We crossed a couple of bridges, and finally came to ………. Bullard State Park.



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  1. Mike, how does your friend like his trailer, and what do you think about it. I see that he is also running front panniers. I weighed my bike, and I’m right were you are….32 pounds. Did you guys share cooking stuff to keep the weight down? One tent? How did you figure that out? Hope you had a good day.

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