Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy, Tailwinds Make me High.

Today is what long distance touring is all about. We did not have any mechanical issues, we both felt strong all day, we started early, the sun was shining, we had tailwinds, and we rode 80miles fully loaded.

It starts with coffee at the campsite, with everything dry. Yes, there were a few hills that take a while to recover from, yes, there were a few motor homes that were a bit loud and close, and sometimes the shoulder isn’t as wide as we would like, but all in all, Oregon has some pretty nice routes.

We traversed bridges, rode in tunnels, took quite a few viewing point turnoffs and saw some very beautiful scenery. At camp we met John, who has, in the past, walked the “Pacific Crest Trail” which is 95% non-pavement from Mexico to Canada. We also met two “fellas” (as they call us), from Montreal. We chose the state park at Winchester Bay lighthouse to camp for the night and just finished our obligatory “bread-bowl chowder” at the marina.








3 Replies to “Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy, Tailwinds Make me High.”

  1. You “fellas” are seeing SO much! The walking trek that John did from Mexico to Canada sounds amazing, too! Drive safely and “make good choices”! XOXO

  2. Good to hear about a satisfying day! How’s the weather? Cool? And, I’m assuming this is from yesterday (Thursday), right? Happy pedaling, fellas.

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