Gold Beach to the golden state

We rode 61 miles from Gold Beach to Crescent City. We climbed a hill out of town and met David from Toronto. We cringed when we saw 2 deer cross 101 highway. We rode thru Smith River and feasted on several sweet nectarines. We took the scenic route thru Crescent City which reminded me of Cliff Drive in SB. We finally settled in our campground on the bay. There were fog horns, bells, seagulls etc. We struggled to find a restaurant in decaying downtown. We finally found a Chinese place. We watched the sunset and met a 95 year old guy from lake Havesu with his daschund “Barney”. He told his sad story about Barney’s sister who got eaten by a coyote. Tomorrow promises to be a tough day with a big climb first thing. We say goodbye to soon to be buffed, Bob, from Bellingham who brings up the back.



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