Slimy slugs, tall trees, shining sun

We rode 66 miles from Crescent City to McKinleyville. We said goodbye to our new friend Bob and climbed thru the redwoods. I rescued a banana slug from getting run over. It felt slimy and sticky. We took each others photos in front of the biggest tree we could find. We set up camp at a county park at a beach. We are going to try for 75 miles tomorrow. Wish us luck.







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  1. soon to be buffed ground over the hill after cresent city a nasty piece of road with road scabs drops and miserable shoulder. I got to Prarie Elk camp ground for the nite. Today I rode to arcadia KOA camp. On the way, my big 38 mm rear tire delaminated and i stopped to buy two new tires, dropped down to 32 mm Schwabe tires. Great riding with you guys.
    see you soon to be buffed Bob

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