Mad River to Eel River

We diligently followed the route shown on the Adventure Cycling map and rode the bike path called “Hammond Trail” several miles thru Arcata. We ate an excellent breakfast at Big Blue Cafe and rode by Humboldt State univ. The speedy commuter gal wearing green, escorted us most of the way thru the lumber town of Eureka. We followed the route to the historic town of Ferndale. A nice lady in town gave me a brief history. Downtown was restored so well that I thought I had gone back in time. We rode thru farm country back to the 101 where we satisfied our hunger for lunch in Rio Dell at a funny deli/mini-golf place. We then continued on thru more giant redwoods on a special road paralleling 101 called “Avenue of the Giants”. We met up with David (from Toronto) and swapped stories and tips over a canned chili and hot dog dinner in a nice campground in a redwood grove. We did it! 80 miles from McKinleyville to Myers Flats. I will try to upload yesterdays photos tonight.





4 Replies to “Mad River to Eel River”

  1. Hey Dad. How goes it? Been following your trip a bit but didn’t get chance to reply yet. Melissa and i made the same treck up the oregon coast to washington last summer. So it has been fun to hear your stories and view the pics. Avenue of the giants is one of my favorite stretches of humbolt. Also i know where the mini-golf course is in rio dell. I’ve been fishing on the eel river there.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Looks like your having an awesome time!

  2. Great pics! It looks like a wonderful adventure and I’m sure my Steve would have loved to join you guys. Who knows? We could fly out there sometime, you guys could bike and Karen and I could catch up while you’re away. Enjoy!

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