Twilight on the Erie

We said goodbye to Holley and Sam’s Diner and Save-a-lot and thanked the parks department for our nice campsite.

We met Dave, the bike shop guy in Brockport. He gave us the skinny on our next towns – spot on. Brockport itself seemed to have character and some good activity on main street.

Rochester threw us a curve ball and we struck out by following their detour signs to nowhere. I saw it as a sign to keep on rolling to the next town.

Lock 32 entertained us with it’s loud horns and gushing water. It lifted a relatively tiny 30 ft canal boat in it’s 200 ft chamber. I made a time lapse video but I might not be able to add it here until later.

I was bummed to hear from a local that the Lock 32 brewery that Brent told us about, didn’t open for another 2 hours. Luckily, we were able to wile away the time eating our lunch in the Coal Tower diner and visiting the nearby dairy for some homemade frozen custard and ice cream.

Our campground was a new RV park called Twilight on the Erie. Barb and Red converted it from a soybean field two years ago. They used it as a showcase for their eclectic collection of knick-knacks including manikans, fire truck hot rod, juke box, sleds, and too much to mention. I thought it was cool until she told me the freight trains come by every 9 minutes during the night. Whoa – we might need some sleep aid (aka whisky).

My cheeseburger at the diner was delicious until I saw that it came with a side of fly. My consolation was a complimentary meal. Thanks Hannah.

note: if you can’t see the photos in your email, try clicking the link to the website.

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