Population: Just Right

I got this title from the sign in our first small town: Gasport. We ate at “Sunrise Cafe – where friends and neighbors start their day”. The waitress was from New Jersey and she kept asking Bill if he knew so and so as if Bill knows everyone in Southampton.

In the next town of Medina, Steve and I waited at the lift bridge while Bill and Jeff went into town to get some cool drinks. I thought it was odd when the lady in the bridge tower (Peggy) didn’t answer the phone call from the sailboat waiting for her to raise the bridge. I asked Peggy why she didn’t raise it…”I’m a ‘I’m a bank walker, not a bridge operator.” I was thinking something with money but she explained that she walks the banks of the canal looking for leaks, wildlife etc. 

The bridge operator raises two bridges five miles apart running back and forth in a state owned Ford Crown Vic.

Albion was the “big town” of 8,000 people. Bill chose a post apocoliptic chinese restaurant – good food but scary decor and no people.

We met Chris and his cat Dash at Trailside cycles and got the hot tips in our destination town of Holley (population 1,777). Get your growler at Save-a-lot, camp at the top of the falls, and eat your dinner and breakfast at Sam’s diner. Mission accomplished!

As we were relaxing at our campsite, we met Madeline – the lady that was waiting so long at the lift bridge. She had a Doberman puppy named Blitz that lived up to his name. She had two other dogs Bear the Korgy and Missy the Cocker Spaniel. Madeline had an interesting journey – she had sailed from Ohio and was headed out thru the Hudson and down the intercoastal waterway to the Carribean. That’s brave!

photos might not show. I got errors when uploading.


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  1. You have quite the steel trap my friend. I have always been impressed with your ability to remember every little detail in a situation

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