Locking onto Our Target

We got so sidetracked visiting Jay that we forgot to eat dinner. We were so hungry we foolishly stopped at the first restaurant we saw (ok it was my fault). At least I got to have Canadian bacon again.

Now that we are experts at border crossing it was much quicker and easier. 

After a couple of hydration stops and a delicious stop at a roadside fruit stand, we arrived at Lockport, home of the “flight of five” – the locks that lifted boats up ~60 ft to the level of Niagara falls.

The skies were angry so we hustled to our campgrounds and watched the thunderstorm light up the sky and drop .6 inches of rain in an hour. For dinner we ordered a “sheet” of pizza and had it delivered to our beautiful campsite among the trees.  The night sky got so clear we were able to spot several constellations and even a satellite and a shooting star.

view of both falls crossing the Rainbow bridge

This store reminded me of Mom’s Antique shop where most people say “I’m just looking”

Not just for kids
Bill had to out-do everyone and stick his whole head thru the cutout
?[wpvideo sVyo46ar]?
Radar image of the thunderstorm

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