Rain, Sweat & Tears

We were rudely awakened by rain and trains so we scurried under the porch at the camp store. For me, getting rained on is ok but starting in the rain is worse. It was even worse for the bridge construction workers who were arc welding in the rain. One of the workers recommended Yellow Mills diner. We got our fill. Whenever I can, I like to ask a local person for recommendations. Google is good but people are better.

The sweat of course comes from pedalling the rolling hills of the beautiful farmland. The tears come from my two flat tires. Luckily the first one was a slow leak so I was able to “limp” until we found a bridge to hide from the pouring rain. I’ll get a beefier tire at the next bike store when we ride through Syracuse today.

We met John and Jim in the sleepy village of Clyde. He said they were playing hookey from their construction business in Denver. They were riding from Bar Harbor Maine to Detroit.

I was sad seeing the former bustling town of Port Byron. The canal moved and left them high and dry.

River Forest campround was home for the night. A “permie” challenged us to finish their $7 spaghetti and salad – mission accomplished.

One last cold beer on the porch with a free light show (thunder and lightning).

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