Sweetspire and Campfire

Jeff was right… that fragrant white flower/bush is Sweetspire. My brother, the landscape architect, independently confirmed it. Thanks Phil.

A guy named Patrick and his dog Bailey marched through our camp on their way to go fishing at 6am. He said “If I catch a walleye – I’ll give it to you guys for breakfast”. Good thing he didn’t. We thought he was just happy go lucky but he later mentioned he smoked a joint that morning. That explains it.

We ate breakfast in Fort Plain because we couldn’t find a restaurant open in St. Johnsville.

On the way, we rested at Fultonville and laughed when we saw a stone marker for a 1976 time capsule. Since we’re all old enough – we all guessed what might be in there: A can of ‘Billy Beer’, 8 track tapes, etc.

We stopped at a visitor center in Schoharie creek for more history lessons and talked with several local couples riding ‘lawn chairs’ (aka recumbents). They recommended Parillo’s cafe in upcoming Amsterdam. Sure enough – As we were leaving, we saw them coming in for dinner.

We camped at Arrowhead campground and savored our last night with a big fire, beverages, and some guitar and singing. Good times!

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