Our Encounter with Kevin Bacon

We fueled up at the Boulevard Diner in Whitesboro. Everyone we met said to make sure to see Viking ship today in Little Falls. When we arrived it was a chaotic frenzy in the parking lot. I don’t know how they advertised, but it worked. People from several towns away swarmed in. Apparently a crew of ~30 people from 10 countries sailed it from Norway. It’s stopping at several towns along the Erie Canal.

A man hanging out in the park was entertaining people with his pot belly pigs. Everyone laughed when he said one was named Kevin Bacon.

We overwhelmed the understaffed Ole Sal cafe in Little Falls with our order of 4 sandwiches which bummed out the people waiting for ice creams behind us. Sorry.

The trail went right by the historic home of local hero Nicolas Herkemer’s homestead. I convinced the guys to learn more history about this general that led the US militia forces in the battle I mentioned yesterday. They nodded off when we watched the short video in the lobby.

In one section of the trail our noses were overwhelmed by the smell of some white flowers in bloom. We don’t know what they are.

Our campsite is in St. Johnsville marina on the canal. We convinced the host to disconnect the bright light in our campsite but there’s nothing he can do about the hourly freight trains. We rode into town to eat at the popular Repepi’s italian restaurant.

we were tempted but we rode past this sign
we took a break at this fruit and flower stand

This is Kevin Bacon
Little Falls

Herkemer’s gravesite

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