Goodbye Erie Canal

Jeff won the sleeping-in contest after our night of beverage induced singing. This made it even harder for him to figure out how to get his iPhone working. His touch screen stopped responding. Luckily a quick call to Lissa on a borrowed phone solved the problem. The solution is to reboot by holding the home button and power button for 10 seconds. I’m afraid my problem solving skills failed me – I’ll blame it on my the fuziness.

We rode into Schenectady (fun to say isn’t it). The bike path leads right to the famous historic Stockade neighborhood with many buildings built in the 1700’s. Wow – this makes Santa Barbara seem new. We visited with Brian and his friendly dog Cody. Brian gave us a few suggestions for breakfast.

Unfortunately, for some reason, all the breakfast places Brian suggested were closed for the holiday (Labor Day) so we gave up and settled for Denny’s.

On the trail we met Al and Sue on their tandem going from New Hampshire to I forgot where. I liked their tandem because it had belt drive and an internal gear hub called Rohlhoff like Bill’s. It even had couplers on the frame so they could take it apart and check it as luggage. I hope I’m as active as them when I’m in my 70’s.

We rode past the General Electric research center (GE has a long history here). We visited with a friendly Ron Larson on rollerblades and he told us he saw us back at the viking ship a few days ago. He shared some more details he had learned about his $10 tour of the ship.

Steve and I (west coast chapter of the ReadyRiders) separated from the east coast chapter and rode to our hotel to pack up our bikes for shipment. $57 each way in case you’re curious.

In the end it was agreed that the east coast chapter and west coast chapter of the ReadyRiders are birds-of-a feather so we can travel together in the future.


Thanks for reading our blog!

Monument from 1705
Brian and dog Cody
Lots of cool old buildings

East coast and west coast chapters

Talking with Ron Larson at a park on river bank
Jeff & Bill’s campsite
Steve’s bike packing project

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