Headwinds, Rain and Cold, oh my!

We marveled at the timbers in the East Glacier Lodge and we soaked in the sun and ambiance of their front porch. The sun didn’t last long. Headwinds were fierce but we plodded along up highway 2. The continental divide was a good milestone. It Made me appreciate the exploration of Lewis and Clark. The rain soaked us thoroughly but we weren’t the only fools. We crossed several other bikers including 1 that was going from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. We stopped at Walton’s Mercantile for a long lunch and warm dry room. Their hospitality and huckleberry pie kept us there a long time. We rode into West Glacier and had a beer on the front porch of the market, too tired to notice the sign of “No bikes on the porch”. We treated ourselves to a night in a cheap but dry motel. Yesterday was about 60 miles. We’re going to ride the famous “Going To The Sun Road” today.

Note: I’m now turning off the Spot tracker at night to conserve the expensive non-rechargeable batteries.

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Glacier Park Lodge
Panoramic view inside the lodge
Old touring car for Glacier Park
Continental Divide monument
Oops…no bikes allowed on porch
Cheap but dry motel