An Eventful day

More huckleberry french toast for a tasty breakfast. Apparently too much because I broke a rear spoke. With 3 pairs of hands and lots of experience, we replaced it in 20 minutes. We visited McDonald lodge and warmed up by the fire a bit. It was wasted since it started raining right after we left. We were all very determined to ride to the top of “Going to the Sun Road” and 3 of us were optimistic (Drew went on record as saying ‘this is a bad idea’ but later recanted. We eventually got to the road block where only bikes, hikers, and a few shuttles were allowed. Aahhhh, what a joy to have the road to ourselves. I must have taken 30 photos. I’ll post a few below. The postcard scenery made it easier to forget that we were drenched from the rain. I really appreciated the workmanship of the road, walls, and tunnel. Beautiful Waterfalls surrounded us. We made it! We climbed all the way to the top of Logan’s pass! It was a quick celebration because the thermometer showed 38 degrees. No people, no cars we had the place to ourselves. We headed down quickly and came upon a Bighorn Sheep with full ram horns. It was perched on the wall, staring us down. We blinked first as it ran past us and up the near vertical cliff with ease. It stood there like a statue, confident of its mountain supremacy. We hurried back to the lodge and sat on the bench of the lake shoreline. Brent and I were dipping our feet in the lake when Robin, the tour boat operator asked Brent if he was willing to dive down to retrieve her iPhone which was in a waterproof case. Brent carefully analyzed the situation and measured the depth with a rope and propellor as an anchor. It was 25 feet! On the third attempt in the cold water, and borrowing a crusty old mask, he was victorious. Our reward was clapping on the shoreline and Robin bought us a case of beer. We enjoyed it by the fire in the lodge and shared our tales with fellow travelers. Oh yeah, we rode 58 miles with 3500ft of climbing. We almost fell asleep at dinner but rode back to our campsite at Sprague campground. It was an eventful day of memories.

We’re going despite the rain!
We’re going…after we fix my broken spoke
“Going to the rain” road today
The scenery is so nice it makes up for the rain
The snow is melting quick
The view keeps getting better
We have the road to ourselves
Snow is deeper than Bob!
Quick – take a picture before we freeze at the top
A bighorn sheep looks down on us
wow! – I wanna do that
Not quite the same
Robin asks us to dive for her phone in Lake McDonald
He got it! ~20ft deep!
Raging river coming down from Glacier Nat. Park
Tunnels on Going To The Sun Road
Weeping wall on Going To The Sun Road
A Bighorn sheep on Going To The Sun Road