Downtown towers to towering trees

After a “not worth writing home about” breakfast at Denny’s, we went to River City Cycles to replace my broken spoke. Jesse gave us a map and instructions for a great route to the pacific. To make up time, we jumped on the Blue Max street car with our bikes and headed west to Hillsboro at the end of the line. We rode thru the tiny towns of Yamhill, Carlton and then up beautiful forest road called meadow lake. It was 2100ft of climbing with a few sections at 15% grade. We camped at almost empty Dovre campground on Nastucca access road. Generous Jerry welcomed us and gave us a free campsite 30 ft from the stream. It’s a beautiful, peaceful campsite. We listened to a live concert of the original “white noise” as we dozed off.


Funny sign for the street car tracks
View of downtown Portland
Loaded our bikes on Blue Max streetcar to get out of the city
Riding towards the coast
Relaxing at the peaceful Dovre campground
Dovre campground sign
Generous Jerry we called him
It looks like a Christmas tree farm

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    1. I think it’s a bad design but i’m not sure. My theory is that the spoke nipples come thru the double wall rim straight and the spokes come in at a slight angle, mostly because my internal gear hub is bigger diameter than normal. Plus I am heavier than average and I have a pannier load on it. Also most factory spokes are not the best kind.

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