To the coast

Today we rode from our camp at Dovre to Lincoln City, a distance of 63 miles. The more significant fact is that we also climbed about 3700 feet, which is similar to climbing La Cumbre Peak. We are worn out today.

We are staying tonight in a hiker/biker spot in an Oregon State Park, where infinite warm showers are free. It is nice to pull into camp and enjoy such a simple pleasure.

We met a fellow solo traveller going northbound and shared some stories. He and his girlfriend travelled from Montana on bikes to get to the coast in Oregon, but she needed to get back, so he is finishing the trip alone. He envied our yellow jackets.

We pulled into a cafe in Cloverdale to have a noontime breakfast and coffee. The shop was run by a bunch of young people, but the waiter sat down at our table and was interested in our traveling adventures. She mentioned a group last week that were on their way to Alaska.

In the final 15 miles of the day, We hit a rain forest climb that was wet, loud, and steep. We had our first Oregon drizzle.
By Steve


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    1. I think it’s worth doing. It’s free. They have premium at $6/mo but I don’t do it. In a stretch, it’s kinda like Facebook for cyclists but only if you make it that way. I say try it.

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