Adversity, aches, & Advil – a.k.a. Double trouble “rubber legs”

We woke with the sun to the sound of hundreds of bike cleats “click clacking” on the pavement.
As you can see in the photo, we rode thru the tiny rural town of Winlock with it’s famous “worlds largest egg”. It was fun when the police closed the whole southbound lane for us on the bridge over the Columbia river.
The saddle soreness and other aches kicked in about midway but we felt proud to finally cross the bridge in Portland. The crowds at the finish line were stacked 2-3 deep for 2 blocks cheering and high-fiving to congratulate our arrival. We had a couple of fat tire beers to celebrate while we listened to the live music.
This is the first time the Ready Riders (Steve & I ) have ridden in back-to-back centuries (actual total of 204 miles).



World’s Largest Egg in Winlock
The police escorted us over this bridge
One of the many cool bridges in Portland
View of Portland from the bridge
Toasting our finish with free Fat Tire beer

3 Replies to “Adversity, aches, & Advil – a.k.a. Double trouble “rubber legs””

  1. Wow! Way to go guys. Dad, I think we should invest in a 4 person bike for me, you, Rachel and Mike!! (but not actually)

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