100 down, 100 miles to go in the STP

We rode 4 miles to the start at U of W and stopped at Greenlake to eat our usual oatmeal and turbo coffee. We jettisoned our bags (actually, gave them to the SAG truck) and we started as the last batch at 7:30. We started off relatively fast, probably because of the lighter load, then settled into a brisk pace around lake Washington. We both agreed the best stop was by REI with 80’s music, lots of volunteers and lots of good food. With 10,000+ riders, the Biffy lines were a bit of a wait. We met a few interesting people and saw lots of interesting bikes. We rode into the finish line at 3:30pm and got a refreshing ride under the giant water shower. Thousands of people are “occupying Centralia City College” with a tent city, food court, beer garden, and a few bands. At 5am tomorrow we will do it again for the second century.

Our route to motel so we are closer to the starting line
At the starting line
This is the biggest ride I’ve been on. That’s a lot of “Biffy’s”
Lots of interesting bikes. I’ve never seen a bicycle built for 4
Centralia College becomes a tent city. We start the second half tomorrow

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